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Alumni Blog

As our graduates ascend through life, we take pride in recounting their stories of triumph and reminiscence. If you are an alum of SRES and want to share your story with us, contact David Schlenk at dschlenk@strichardsschool.org.


Lillian Crabb, '08

Lillian’s fondness for St. Richard’s was immediately present as she began talking about the ideals of a classic curriculum. “I have always appreciated the emphasis on the classics: Greek and Latin writing has really stuck with me throughout school.” That isn’t to say the fun traditions of St. Richard’s have been lost on Lillian. She admits Maypole is still the most memorable experience for her. The 1st and 8th grade buddy system was very important to her as well; in passing she recollects how her 1st grade buddy Sarah Koenig received hand-me-downs because there was no other sister to bequest to.

When asked about hindsight and advice to current students, Lillian hardly hesitated with a humble response. “St. Richard’s embodies the idea of pushing yourself, academically and personally. I don’t feel as though I ever regretted a day at St. Richard’s, because I tried to give everything I had.”

After graduating from Yale in the spring of 2016, Lillian Crabb is keeping busy. She currently works as a sales associate for Brilliant Earth Jewelers, a company that believes in the importance of responsibly sourced jewelry. She feels as though the emphasis on diversity and public speaking at St. Richard’s, as well as time well spent servicing others at Trinity Episcopal Church, have prepared her perfectly for the job.

Zach Schalk, '03

For Zach Schalk, class of 2003, St. Richard’s has always been a community that is centered on being supportive.

As an alumnus, Zach reminisces on the support of the St. Richard’s community he felt as a student. He recalls the years of fostering communication, leadership, and life skills, and credits the faculty of SRES for nurturing intellectual curiosity through every grade level. As a former SRES athlete, Zach was always most passionate about the end of school year festivities, including the infamous Field Day and Alumni Basketball Game.

Zach is a graduate of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, and went on to earn undergraduate degrees in journalism and political science at Indiana University. From 2011 to 2013, Zach joined the St. Richard’s staff as a versatile alumni relations coordinator and marketing associate. Currently, Zach lives and works in Washington D.C. as a public engagement and web design specialist for the communications firm Kearns & West.

Katie Purucker, '06

Katie is a big believer in the ability of St. Richard’s to prepare students for a bright future. As an alumnus, she recalls vividly how all the wonderful aspects of a St. Richard’s education prepared her for a life of success. Between the teachers who always pushed her to achieve her very best to the opportunities like the French Back-to-Back program, Katie feels passionately that St. Richard’s supplied her with all the necessary tools.

“It’s in the little things you notice as you get older: people that don’t look you in the eye or those that don’t speak with respect and confidence to their peers and leaders. By the time I was in college, I couldn’t imagine not having these essential skills of communication.”

Katie Purucker graduated from Park Tudor in 2010 and DePauw University in 2014 with dual degrees in French and Political Science. She is currently on leave from her job as the Operations Administrator with Centaur Gaming to work with Governor Mike Pence’s vice-presidential campaign. Katie is serving as the Operations Assistant, a catch-all title that has her spending time with fundraising events, policy discussions, scheduling, and more.

Roderick Brown, '78

Dr. Roderick Brown, SRES class of 1978, represents a time in St. Richard’s history when students went to chapel every day and left St. Richard’s after Grade 6. Rod, a graduate of Park Tudor and Notre Dame, did not fully appreciate the significant impact of his St. Richard’s education until later in life. It was at St. Richard’s that Rod attained both a relationship between academic rigor and personal discipline, as well as a true value for education.

Rod currently serves as the Dean of the University and Transfer Division at Ivy Tech—Central Division, just a few blocks from the campus of St. Richard’s. With his foundation from St. Richard’s, he feels it is no surprise that he answered the call of higher education. St. Richard’s instilled the understanding of being tough but fair, a principle he feels has stuck with him at the collegiate teaching level. Rod remains heavily involved with St. Richard’s and serves as an ambassador of the alumni community. He returns to St. Richard’s regularly and has presented graduating students with their St. Richard’s alumni lapel pin for several years.
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