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2022-2023 Board of Trustees + Foundation Board



Executive Committee:

  • Mr. Nick Colby, President
  • The Rev. C. Davies Reed, Vice President
  • Dr. Nneka Breaux, Secretary
  • Mr. Jeff Wawok, Treasurer
  • Dr. Leslie Hosey, St. Richard's Head of School
  • The Rev. Julia E. Whitworth, Trinity Episcopal Church Rector


Board Members:

  • Mrs. Cindy Cho
  • Mrs. Kimberly J. Bacon Gray
  • Mrs. Elizabeth C. Bearby
  • Mr. Thomas Dawson
  • Dr. Marlene Marchesani
  • Mrs. Wendy Ponader
  • Mr. Jim Purucker
  • The Rt. Rev'd Baskerville-Burrows, Bishop of Indianapolis Episcopal Church Diocese
  • Dr. Roderick S. Brown
  • Dr. LaTonya M. Turner
  • Mrs. Sara Mamuska-Morris
  • Mr. George "Corky" Plews
  • Mr. Rob MacPherson
  • Dr. Leon Jackson

Non-Voting Members:

  • Dr. Leslie Hosey, Head of School
  • Mrs. Angela Kumar, President of the Parent Organization
  • Mr. Ryan Brunkhurst, Faculty Representative
  • Mrs. Kären Haley, Trinity Vestry Representative
  • Mr. Joseph Tucker Edmonds, Horizons Representative


Executive Committee:

  • President: Mr. Dan Strahl
  • Vice President: Mr. Mason Hughes
  • Secretary: Dr. Molly Garau
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Anne E. Sellers
  • At-Large: Mr. Fred Roetter

Board Members:

  • Mrs. Mary F. Burger
  • Mrs. Melinda W. Fisher
  • Dr. Thomas H. Greist (Emeritus)
  • The Rev. Dr. James B. Lemler
  • Mrs. Christine C. Plews
  • Mr. Erick D. Ponader
  • Dr. Marlene Marchesani
  • Mr. D. Zachary Schalk
  • Mr. Keith Jewell

Ex-officio members:

  • Mr. Nick Colby, Board of Trustees President
  • Dr. Leslie Hosey, Head of School
  • Mr. John Kroetz, Director of Development