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2022-2023 Board of Trustees + Foundation Board


The St. Richard’s Episcopal School Board of Trustees holds “in trust” the School’s mission and its reputation, and has the responsibility of creating and maintaining “their children’s children’s school.” Trustees meet at least once a month, and are called upon to contribute their time, thought, and energy, as well as financial resources to support the viability and growth of the School. 

St. Richard's is committed to fostering a loving community where all people are respected, valued, treated equitably, and expected to share the responsibility of upholding diversity, equity and inclusion. Our trustees draw from a wide array of different backgrounds, with varying expertise and skills that serve the school. 

Members of the community interested in serving as trustees may send a resume or CV, and expression of interest to

Executive Committee:

  • Mr. Nick Colby, President
  • The Rev. C. Davies Reed, Vice President
  • Dr. Nneka Breaux, Secretary
  • Mr. Jeff Wawok, Treasurer
  • Dr. Leslie Hosey, St. Richard's Head of School
  • The Rev. Julia E. Whitworth, Trinity Episcopal Church Rector


Board Members:

  • Mrs. Cindy Cho
  • Mrs. Kimberly J. Bacon Gray
  • Mrs. Elizabeth C. Bearby
  • Mr. Thomas Dawson
  • Dr. Marlene Marchesani
  • Mrs. Wendy Ponader
  • Mr. Jim Purucker
  • The Rt. Rev'd Baskerville-Burrows, Bishop of Indianapolis Episcopal Church Diocese
  • Dr. Roderick S. Brown
  • Dr. LaTonya M. Turner
  • Mrs. Sara Mamuska-Morris
  • Mr. George "Corky" Plews
  • Mr. Rob MacPherson
  • Dr. Leon Jackson

Non-Voting Members:

  • Dr. Leslie Hosey, Head of School
  • Mrs. Angela Kumar, President of the Parent Organization
  • Mr. Ryan Brunkhurst, Faculty Representative
  • Mrs. Kären Haley, Trinity Vestry Representative
  • Mr. Joseph Tucker Edmonds, Horizons Representative


Executive Committee:

  • President: Mr. Dan Strahl
  • Vice President: Mr. Mason Hughes
  • Secretary: Dr. Molly Garau
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Anne E. Sellers
  • At-Large: Mr. Fred Roetter

Board Members:

  • Mrs. Mary F. Burger
  • Mrs. Melinda W. Fisher
  • Dr. Thomas H. Greist (Emeritus)
  • The Rev. Dr. James B. Lemler
  • Mrs. Christine C. Plews
  • Mr. Erick D. Ponader
  • Dr. Marlene Marchesani
  • Mr. D. Zachary Schalk
  • Mr. Keith Jewell

Ex-officio members:

  • Mr. Nick Colby, Board of Trustees President
  • Dr. Leslie Hosey, Head of School
  • Mr. John Kroetz, Director of Development