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At St. Richard's Episcopal School, diversity is an essential aspect of our Episcopal identity and directly ties into one of our Five Pillars: Global Readiness. Our community is populated by a rich variety of people representing a wealth of diversity in religious, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds and welcomes all family structures and sexual orientations—a hallmark since our school opened its doors in 1960.

St. Richard's Episcopal School Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission Statement

St. Richard’s is committed to fostering a community where all people are respected, valued, treated equitably, and expected to share the responsibility of upholding diversity, equity and inclusion.

Episcopal schools affirm these differences as sources of strength that build up common life, deepen our common humanity, and enhance the intellectual, social, spiritual, and moral development all students.

Preparing students for global citizenship begins early at St. Richard’s. From participating in an extensive multidisciplinary around-the- world project in which students travel to all continents while learning about their land, geography, and traditions, to our Grade 5 French exchange program, our students leave the doors of St. Richard's globally ready.

• Faiths represented: Jewish, Hindu, Episcopalian, Catholic, and 13 Christian denominations

• 36 countries of origin

• Non-Caucasian student Population (African American 27%, Asian and Hispanic 5%)

"The notion of diversity truly is a key to the St. Richard’s magic. We live in a suburban school district where every school is 4-star, but we drive 30 minutes one way because of this. During the Olympic games, we find ourselves cheering for athletes from France, Barbados, Brazil or China because our daughter has connected with those countries and cultures through her friends. It’s truly a global education on the most basic of levels."

-SRES Parent