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Our Campus

St. Richard’s Episcopal School was founded in 1960 with additions made subsequently. St. Richard’s and Trinity Episcopal Church share 100,000 square feet of space. The school recently opened four new early childhood classrooms and a Creative Commons with two additional science labs.

Facilities include:

St. Richard’s Episcopal School works diligently to ensure the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of the students.


Safety Measures:

  • A Student Resource Officer from the Indianapolis Police Department is on duty from from 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and then after school until all members of the community have left at the close of the day and the building is locked.
  • A licensed school counselor is employed by the school to focus on our student's social and emotional development and well-being.
  • All access points to the school are gated and locked. Visitors must buzz in to enter and sign in.
  • After arrival and dismissal times have closed, both the front door and outer gymnasium door are locked.

Small class sizes are the foundation for “each student feeling well known by the school.”

-Constituent survey.


Additional Safeguarding Measures

  • St. Richard's has several licensed School Safety Specialists on staff kept up to date on best practices through the Indiana Department of Education and the Department of National Homeland Security.
  • Emergency Procedure Plans are posted in each classroom.
  • Regular fire and tornado drills are scheduled monthly.
  • St. Richard’s also has procedures in place in the event of a lock-down and means for contacting parents in case of such a situation.
  • CPR training and certification are required yearly for faculty and staff.
  • School personnel are required to participate in Safeguarding God’s Children.
  • The school employs a staff member to address minor injuries, distribute medications, and assess whether parents should be contacted.
  • Efforts are also made at St. Richard’s to create a safe social-emotional environment.
  • Faculty and staff meet regularly to discuss the social and emotional needs of each child.