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Parent Life

We understand that when parents choose a school for their child they are also choosing a school for their family. There are a variety of ways to become formally and informally involved at SRES. Chapel and all school assemblies are conveniently scheduled the first period of the day so parents can attend before starting their day. Teachers hold regular parent conferences but also welcome scheduled times to discuss student progress. Additionally, parents can also volunteer in our library, as room parents, and much more. By default, every SRES parent is a member of the Parent Organization, and all are welcome to join the unofficial SRES Dads Club.



Parent Organization

The St. Richard's Episcopal School Parent Organization is a not-for-profit, unincorporated association with the following purposes:

  • To engage in activities intended to support faculty, staff, and parents in their efforts to provide an excellent school experience that fosters the intellectual, moral, and personal development of all St. Richard's students.
  • To sponsor events such as FETE (all-school carnival), teacher luncheons, and teacher appreciation week that bring together members of the St. Richard's community for social and informative purposes.
  • To facilitate communication between all members of the greater St. Richard's community.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of common problems and concerns faced by parents of school-age children.
  • To conduct and assist in fundraising activities to the exclusive benefit of St. Richard's Episcopal School.

Parent organization Executive committee members

President:        Mrs. Angela Kumar

Vice President: Mrs. Regan Bright

Treasurer:         Mrs. Nikeesha Pittman

Secretary:        Mrs. Susanna Scott

Immediate Past President: Mrs. Doris Pryor

SRES Dads Club

The Dads Club provides a way for the fathers of the school, mothers are also welcome, to come together and raise and/or save money mainly for projects that directly impact the children of the school. Past projects have included the physical tasks of installing playground equipment and assisting with the moving of boxes and furniture within the school. They also provide games and activities for the students during events like Fete and field day. Learn more about the St. Richard's Episcopal School Dads Club.

dads club liaisons

Dads Club Liaisons:

Mr. Aaron Dziubinskyj 


"We have enjoyed every minute of our time in the St. Richard’s community. We’d encourage new parents to dive in and get involved to the extent their schedules allow. You will be rewarded with new friendships with fun, smart and interesting families. We always look forward to the new school year when we can see our “village” again regularly."-SRES Mom