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Differentiation and Student Support

St. Richard’s strives to promote a nurturing community for students to become independent learners, to become self-aware, and to maximize their unique talents.

Teachers use a variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of each individual learner. Small-group differentiation, hands-on manipulatives, leveled materials, and whole-group learning are used as part of every day instruction. Our small class sizes, maxing out at 20 in Grades 1-8, are optimal for the learning process.

While students at St. Richard's primarily have average to above-average academic abilities, we provide academic and social support services that help all students achieve their academic and developmental potential.

  • Two full-time Learning Support Specialists provide in-class support as well as small group pull-out instruction for students in all grades.

Social and Emotional Support

St. Richard’s strives to be a highly diverse and welcoming environment in which all students feel accepted and supported. We make every possible attempt to create a learning environment that engages students’ strengths and effectively addresses areas needing growth including topics related to social and emotional development. At times, children need additional support not found in the classroom, such as counseling. St. Richard’s has counseling services that are available at the school. These supports are typically short-term and/or take place in a group setting. Should a child need more intense or individualized help, the school typically partners with parents and private providers to arrange the appropriate services.