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Early Childhood


Pre-Kindergarten (3 years old by July 1)
Junior Kindergarten (4 years old by July 1)
Kindergarten (5 years old by July 1)

Each grade level focuses on a consistent theme with a logical progression:

  • Pre-Kindergarten: Exploring our Community
  • Junior Kindergarten: Exploring the Natural World
  • Kindergarten: Exploring the Big Wide World

Highlights include an emphasis on experimental learning and aesthetic development with broad cultural exposure as well as a strong inquiry-based science program. Three weekly French lessons supported by a school-wide focus on French language and culture culminate in a capstone project called Promenade En Vélo, a celebration of French language and culture.


With hands-on activities designed to develop their skills in language arts, mathematics, and special-focused subjects, students progress at their own pace, constructing knowledge and developing confidence. Social emotional well-being, physical education, and spirituality are also fundamental to our students become well-adjusted, healthy and joyous learners. Outdoor play and exploration are vital to the day in the life of our Early Childhood students.

All students are expected to be fully toilet trained before entering Pre-Kindergarten.