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St. Richard's Episcopal School provides a comprehensive athletic program designed to develop healthy bodies, provide a lifelong love of sports, develop sportsmanship amongst its players, and produce athletes capable of playing team sports in high school and beyond, whether for enjoyment or for competition. In Grade 5-8, the students compete in soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country and track. All traveling teams except volleyball and basketball are co-ed and compete against other local independent schools through the Indianapolis Independent School League (IISL). St. Richard's also follows a no-cut policy, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to participate.

Prior to Grade 5, St. Richard's offers intramural basketball and soccer for students in JK-Grade 4. Coaches are frequently parents who volunteer for the opportunity. The intramural programs are each divided into two divisions, each shaped in accordance with the different sizes, physical capabilities, and knowledge of the students. This program introduces competitive athletics focused on teaching young athletes key lessons: introducing general knowledge of the sport, learning to play as a team, embracing good sportsmanship, and learning to extend their efforts. Along with improving their athletic abilities, they develop a positive self-image as the coaches nurture their perception of physical activity as an enjoyable experience.

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