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Dragon Cafe


lunch at SRES

The Dragon Cafe offers healthy choices for SRES students through Aladdin Food Services. The cost of lunch is included in tuition; parents are also welcome to join their children as they wish.

A hot lunch, salad bar, complete with fresh fruits and vegetables, bagel and yogurt bar, and deli bar are offered each day. During warmer months, SRES offers grill days in which students enjoy a picnic style lunch in the courtyard.

The Dragon Cafe, led by Chef Andy, purposely chooses menu items from all over the world and has remarkable success in winning over our students' appetites. Our faculty and staff also take an invested interest, particularly with our younger children, in establishing healthy eating habits. Please note that vegetarian items are offered each day, and we also provide soy milk for children with lactose allergies. Do not hesitate to ask to speak to someone in the Dragon Cafe about your child's food allergies or any special dietary concerns.