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St. Richard’s Episcopal School Annual Fund 2018-2019

The Annual Fund is an ongoing fundraising effort coordinated by the Development Office, and it represents one of the most important ways you can help St. Richard’s continue to provide an exceptional educational experience that remains an exceptional value for parents. Gifts to the Annual Fund are tax-deductible, support small class sizes, dedicated teachers, classroom and technology upgrades, a socioeconomically diverse community that reflects the city in which we live, and an ever-expanding curriculum that allows students to thrive.

Will you join 100% of our faculty and staff who give and make your gift today?

For more information, please contact John Kroetz at jkroetz@sresdragons.org.

Question and Answers about Annual Fund

What is Annual Fund?

Annual Fund is St. Richard’s Episcopal School’s top annual fundraising priority. Each year, all members of our community (parents, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, grandparents, and friends) are asked to make a tax-deductible gift to the Annual Fund. The budget revenues raised through Annual Fund ensures our school has all the necessary resources (faculty, facilities, technology, and program support) to provide each student with an exceptional St. Richard’s education.

Why is Annual Giving so important? What does it fund?

Tuition covers about 80% percent of the school’s annual budget; Annual Fund support pays for the essentials needed for excellence. Annual Fund giving impacts every part of our community—faculty and staff recruitment and retention, academic programming, technology, athletics, arts and music, the unique socioeconomic diversity of our community, and more.

Why doesn’t St. Richard’s simply raise tuition to cover the true cost of a St. Richard’s education?

St. Richard’s strives to maintain tuition rates that are comparable with peer schools and kept at a level that makes an independent school education possible for a wide scope of families with varying economic circumstances.
Keeping tuition rates moderated, without compromising the quality of our educational program, is an important core value of St. Richard’s.

Why am I asked to increase my gift each year?

The contributions that St. Richard’s receives annually are spent, and therefore needed, each fiscal year (July-June). Each year it costs more to run the school, particularly to attract and retain St. Richard’s outstanding faculty and staff. Annual Fund revenues represent a set percentage of the budget, so they must increase, as well.

How much am I expected to give?

Our request is that you make St. Richard’s your primary philanthropic priority. We ask that you contribute at a level that is personally meaningful and that makes sense for your family, keeping in mind the number of children you have at St. Richard’s. Gifts range from $20 to $50,000. Every gift is greatly valued and deeply appreciated.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! Annual Fund gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our Tax ID Number is 35-6007169.

Why is the school asking for pledges to be received by June 30th?

The school’s budget (and tuition) for the upcoming year is set in January. Receiving Annual Giving pledges by June 30 allows us to predict next year’s totals with confidence and set the budget accordingly.

If I make a pledge by Dec. 31, may I pay later?

Absolutely. You have until June 30 to make your payment.

Why is 100 percent participation so important?

It is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission.

100 percent participation is evidence that everyone in our community shares in the effort. This supports our philosophy that we must all work together to provide our children and the future generations of graduates with the best possible education.

High Annual Fund participation is a benchmark used by foundations and outside funders when deciding which of the many worthwhile schools will receive their financial support.

Who is asked to contribute to Annual Giving?

All members of our extended community are asked to participate each year. St. Richard’s enjoys 100 percent participation from faculty and staff and the Board of Trustees.