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(INDIANAPOLIS)—St. Richard’s Episcopal School, an urban independent school located at 33rd and Meridian Streets, has completed a $5.5 million capital campaign which allowed the school to expand its facilities and open the new Brougher Family Early Childhood Center on the first floor. Additionally, two STEM (science technology engineering and math) classrooms and a large flexible space called the Creative Commons are now located on the second floor. The school will celebrate the opening of the new building with a dedication and blessing on Wednesday, December 18 at 9:30 a.m.


“Over the years, the St. Richard’s Episcopal School community has dreamed of having more space for its students to learn, experiment, meet and play,” said Dr. Marlene Marchesani, co- chair of The Campaign for St. Richard’s. “The success of the Campaign has allowed St. Richard’s to build an addition that includes a space dedicated to the early childhood program,” said co- chair Bob Marchesani.

The Mission of St. Richard’s Episcopal School is to instill knowledge and values for a lifetime. St. Richard’s provides a timeless, challenging curriculum that embraces diversity while developing global citizens, socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually through the implementation of our Five Pillars for Success: Faith, Classic Curriculum, Leadership, Civic Responsibility, and Global Readiness.

The school was created in 1960, when Trinity Episcopal Church responded to a growing need for a school with high academic expectations that would serve students from diverse backgrounds in the city of Indianapolis. From the original kindergarten class of 18 students in its first year of operation, St. Richard’s has grown to its current enrollment of approximately 350 students in pre-kindergarten through Grade 8.


The school would like to donate the following donors for making The Campaign for St. Richard's a reality!


Mr. Brian Adams, '97
Dr. Karen Amstutz and Mr. David B. Amstutz
Mr. and Mrs. David and AmySue Bacon
Mr. Eric Baiz
Dr. John P. Bamforth and Dr. Susan M. Mahony
Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Lana Barnhisel
The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows and Mr. Harrison Burrows
Ms. Ann I. Bastianelli
The Baumgardt Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Elizabeth Bearby
Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Dianne Beardsley
Ms. Mary R. Beaty
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Deborah Bluestein
Mr. and Mrs. Ron and Rebecca Bockstahler
Dr. Tatiana M. Foroud and Mr. Eric R. Boes
Dr. Christopher M. Bohyer and Dr. Wanita Kumar
Dr. Chad and Dr. Chris Bonhomme
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Barbara Bosch
Mr. Robert Bowser
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel and Mary Brady
Mr. and Dr. John and Jennifer Money-Brady
Dr. and Mr. Jason and Nneka Breaux
Mr. and Mrs. John and Catherine Bridge
The Brougher Family Foundation
The IMG Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John and Rachel Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Mary Burger
Dr. Richard A. Burgett and Dr. Malinda G. Mundy-Burgett
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Sarah Burkman
Dr. Katherine Bussard
Mr. Richard L. Butler and Dr. Jamie S. Street-Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Meredith Carbrey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Pamela Carter
Ms. Carole Casto and Mr. William Barnhorst
Dr. and Mrs. John and Mary Challman
The Clowes Fund, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David and Angela Colby
Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Kelly Colby
Ms. Stephanie Collins and Mr. Reagan Furqueron
The Community Covenant Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Laura Conder
Ms. Christine Connor
Dr. and Mrs. Michael and Catherine Coscia
Dr. and Mrs. Louis and Barbara Coury
Mr. and Mrs. Luther and Annie Cox
Mrs. Jane B. Cox
Dr. and Mrs. David and Ellen Crabb
Mr. and Mrs. John and Janet Craun
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Kelley Creveling
Mr. and Mrs. Casey and Elizabeth Cronin
Mr. Thomas Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Mary DeVoe
Mr. Laurence Dorfman
Mr. Aaron B. Dziubinskyj and Mrs. Rosalia Morquecho
Mr. and Mrs. John and Cheryl Eiszner
The Eli Lilly and Company Foundation
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Elliott
Mrs. Thelma W. Everett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Deborah Falk
Mr. and Mother Robert and Nancy Ferriani
Mr. Kenneth File
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Melinda Fisher
Mr. Bradford S. Fleury
Mr. and Mrs. Humberto and Raynel Flores
Ms. L. M. Folz and Ms. Valita M. Fredland
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Lavonne Frank
Mrs. Gloria A. Gangwer
Mr. and Dr. Jerry and Molly Garau
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. and Caress Garten
Mr. and Mrs. Beau and Kathryn Garverick
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Shannon Gentile
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome and Patricia Gotway
Miss Stacy L. Graber
The Gramelspacher Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Meredith Gramelspacher
Drs. Anne and Thomas Greist
Mr. and Mrs. John and Suzanne Guckenberger
Dr. and Mrs. Douglass and Catherine Hale
Mr. John R. Hammond, III and Ms. Diana H. Hamilton
Dr. and Mr. Peter and Mary Hansen
Mr. and Mrs. Simon and Tina Harford
Mr. and Mrs. Claude and Brenda Harrington
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Patty Hefner
Mr. Erik J. Hembre and Ms. Katherine M. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. John and Leigh Ann Hirschman
Mr. Nathaniel Hopf-Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Summer Houchens
Mr. and Mrs. James and Jennifer Hughes
Mr. Richard Hughes and Mrs. Shannie Bibie Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Elizabeth Humrichouser
Mr. and Mrs. Herb and Susan Hundley
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan and Margaret Jahns
Mr. and Mrs. William and Deborah Jeffrion
Mr. David L. Johnson and Ms. Anne N. Nobles
Mr. Erik C. Johnson and Ms. Kristie Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton and Linda Kelly
Karimida, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce and Noelle King
Ms. Karen King
Mr. Uwe G. Klemm and Ms. Rachel G. Riegel
Dr. and Dr. Alan and Beth Ann Klotz
Dr. Holly M. Knoderer
Mr. Kevin R. Krulewitch and Ms. Rosanne E. Ammirati
Mr. Howard J. Lacy, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Carolyn Lausch
Mr. Jeffrey O. Lewis and Ms. Paula Schmidt-Lewis
Mrs. Mary Virginia Linder
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony and Kristy Lombardo
Dr. and Mrs. John and Barbara MacDougall
Mr. John Mainella and Mr. Michael Pettry
Ms. Sandra Malcom
Dr. and Mr. Robert and Marlene Marchesani
Mr. and Mrs. Dale and Elizabeth McCarter
Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Catherine Mecker
Dr. William A. Mirola and Dr. James E. LeGrand
Mr. and Ms. Delmer and Sara Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Clare Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Betsy Morse
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley and Jayme Moss
Mr. and Mrs. Andre' and Donielle Neal
Dr. and Mrs. Maximillian and Dana Newell
The Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr., Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Grace Norris
Dr. and Mr. Ifeanyi and Una Osili
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Deanna Oware
Mr. and Mrs. Jon and Mary Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick and Kelly Payne
Mr. Ryan A. Pennock and Mrs. Marina E. Gonzalez-Pennock
Mr. Theodore J. Planje, Jr. and Ms. Rosalie Lange
Mr. and Mrs. George and Christine Plews
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Catherine Plump
Mr. and Mrs. Erick and Wendy Ponader
Mr. Ryan Poor and Ms. Erin Clancy
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis and Monica Popp
Dr. Kamnesh R. Pradhan and Dr. Dianna L. Fox
Dr. and Dr. Derek and Lori Price
Mr. and Mrs. James and Kimberly Purucker
Dr. David P. Rardon and Dr. Karen L. Mahakian
Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Jessica Rhoades
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Constance Richmond
Dr. and Mrs. Tim and Jody Root
The Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation
Dr. and Mr. James and Janelle Sabo
The Samerian Foundation
Dr. and Dr. Anthony and Alicia Sanders
Dr. and Mrs. Richard and Christine Scales
Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Hannah Schalk
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Stephanie Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Marc and Tara Sciscoe
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis and Glenda Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Tiffany Skilling
Drs. Robert and Jennifer Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Tracy Smikle
Ms. Carol A. Wolf and Ms. Jan Smith
Ms. Jean M. Smith
Rev. Rod E. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. David and Sandra Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Nancy Spohn
The SRES Class of 2018
Mrs. Harriet H. Stambaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Marianne Stauffer
Mr. and Mrs. Adam and Jill Stedham
Mr. Brian Steensland and Ms. Shana Stump
Ms. Tamatha A. Stevens
Ms. Barbara E. Stokely
Dr. Vasiliki Keramida and Mr. Dan Strahl
Mr. Scot Overdorf and Mrs. Tanya M. Stuart-Overdorf
Mr. Timothy M. Sublett and Mrs. Diane C. Kostyshyn
Mr. Bradley R. Sugarman
Dr. Katherine P. Sugarman
Dr. Freida R. Thompson and Ms. Linda O. Ferreira
The Rev. and Mrs. Jerrold and Carol Thompson
Dr. Alexia M. Torke and Ms. Martha N. Egger
Trinity Episcopal Church
Mr. Greg VanSlambrook
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert and Lisa Voy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Sara Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery and Nicole Wawok
Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Maria Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Mary Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander and Tammy White
The Rev. Julia E. Whitworth and Mr. Ray Neufeld
Ms. Shanell Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Tim and Neva Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Katharyn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle and Abby Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Ruth Ann Witte
Ms. Abigail M. Wodock
Mr. Bob Wood and Ms. Cindy Cho
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy and Mary Beth Wott
Mr. Bryan K. Wrench and Ms. Heather R. Colvan
Mrs. Audrey S. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Nancy Wright
Mrs. Nancy O. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Neil and Angeline Wylde
Mr. and Mrs. Leonidas and Rosane Zelmanovitz


For more information, please contact the Development Office at